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We live in a day when everyone has excuses for things they don't want to do or think that is unimportant. But when it comes to our personal relationship with God - there are NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSES. Our relationship with Him should be first and foremost in our lives.

Each of us will be held accountable to God for our thoughts, words and actions. As believers in Jesus Christ, we have the Holy Spirit, sort of a built-in smoke alarm, which is our conscience to know what is right or wrong. God gives us the capacity to conquer tribulations, persecution, hardships and despair when we stay in communication with Him. In Romans 1:16 Paul writes "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes..." When people see the change that Christ Jesus has made in a persons life, they cannot deny the power of God.

The Bible is the curriculum that contains the gospel to teach us that we must admit we are sinners, believe Christ paid for our sins, and confess Jesus as our Savior and Lord. The church is assurance that Christ will always have a witness in the world. Let's continue to be that WITNESS and not look for EXCUSES.

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