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Come join our services and experience the goodness of God.  Pastor Tom Heath welcomes and invites you to explore the many promises presented in the bible to Christian believers.
Sunday Services

What's Preacher Tom going to talk about this week? I bet it's God, Jesus and His love for you. God has a plan for your life and he is waiting for you to start listening. Preacher Tom encourages us to read our Holy Bibles, listen to God and follow His commands. Doing these things will bring happiness and fulfillment. Come join us for the Sunday service.

Morning Prayers service : 9:45am

Sunday School: 10:00am

Regular Service: 11:00am

Evening Service: 6:30 pm 

Wednesday Evening Service

Wednesday evening Prayer Service is a time to reconnect with our brothers and sisters in Christ to hear from Gods word through Pastor Tom.  Our prayer time is a time to bring before the Lord the names of friends and loved ones that may need special prayer - whether it be for an illness or other needs in their lives.  Our time together is a mid-week boost to help us in our Christian walk.

Evening Service & Special Prayer time 6:30PM.

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